Greetings to the greatest people of present time! People who change the history thru the life of children .

We have beautiful winter this year with lots of snow . But children get cold one after another, stay home, learn a lot of good skills like making pizza, drive parents crazy when school are closed on quarantine and kids study online.

We had a wonderful opportunity to visit a few orphanages with the Christmas program. We were blessed to have Larry for Christmas and New Year! Thank you Larry for making our joy brighter .

Vera started a very important school in zoom for potential parents for orphans. She tells them the hidden things of adoption so that people have right understanding and had no illusion how easy or scary it is. When people know these things they are ready to make a decision. Please pray Vera’s school have more and more students. Please pray for the health of our children and counselors . They get sick unusually often this season. Some with covid, some with flu… Olya still has bad cough,  hard to sleep.

I am the healthiest one ! Life in a village is so peaceful and beautiful. Sparkling white snow around ! Friends come to help with fixing and making things in my new home which is always a blessing to do something together and then eat drink coffee talk  laugh…

What a wonderful God we have! He is making us a family by being our Father. Thank you for caring us in your hearts and prayers ! All the counselors and children send their greetings and love !

May God keep you healthy and safe in His hand. We love you.

– Marina.

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