We want YOU at MACTE LANGUAGE SCHOOL Teaching English to children K-9

Searching for English speakers ready to participate in international ministry!

MACTE Language School serves children in Ida Virumaa, Estonia.  This region consists of both Russian and Estonian speakers. The majority of our kids speak Russian at home, but take Estonian and English courses at school. Our after-school club offers children a chance to practice their English with a native speaker!

Svetlana Shishkina is the director of MACTE, and an Estonian native. Elissa (Carruth) Bahtin is the Head Teacher and American contact, who was born in Texas but moved to Estonia after marrying a local Estonian.

Our club has the unique opportunity of getting to minister to dozens of local children, every day. We are welcomed into 3 grade schools as well as 2 kindergartens. Teachers and parents trust us to teach their children, and we have seen great growth through this; but, we also get to love and serve them, and be an example to them of Jesus Christ!

Because Ida Virumaa is the most disadvantaged region in Estonia, many of our kids come from broken homes and are being raised by one parent or grandparent.  Some families struggle to break the bondages of hopelessness from the USSR. The atmosphere of our schools and communities have been affected due to many years of poverty, corruption and atheism. Today, students are used to overly strict, harsh standards by teaching staff. We feel that a teacher from “the outside”, who brings smiles and love to the classroom and has a fresh perspective on life and education, can make a huge difference with our kids. Our club offers a safe and engaging environment for children to have fun and make friends, while still growing in their knowledge of the English language and American & English cultures.  We hope to expand our lessons and ministry in order to reach more children in our region with the light of Christ and the gift of language!

MACTE Language School is currently searching for two teachers who would like to help us grow our program. We hope to offer two additional positions for the Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters: one associate to partner in teaching Kindergarten through 4th classes, and one to partner with 5th through 10th classes. At this time, we have 2 Kindergarten classes, 3 second grade classes, 1 third grade class, 1 fourth grade class, 2 fifth grade classes, 1 sixth grade class and 1 ninth grade class. We expect that new students will register this spring and summer to be a part of our Autumn semester, and plan for a full roster from Kinder through 10th with no gaps.

Not only is this a great opportunity for working abroad, but you also get to minister to these wonderful children! Travel expenses to Estonia would not be covered by MACTE, but these positions are paid and your living expenses would be minimal once in Estonia. MACTE will arrange housing and organize transportation, as well as handling all employee visas. We will also organize trips, excursions and other ministry opportunities for our teachers to take part in, if desired.

Are you intrigued??? For more information, contact Elissa at [email protected] or visit our MACTE Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/macte.keeltekool/.

We look forward to working with you!

*Please note, you do NOT have to be a certified teacher to teach with MACTE, but some college/university credits or a degree is requested.

*Want to participate but can only stay a short while? Contact us about short-term mission trips and guest-teaching opportunities.