Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We continue to do the ministry despite of the difficult time in our lives. Thank you for your personal messages and prayers for my father and mother.

Boys’ Month

February is the month when we honor men in Belarus, as their holiday is on the 23d, so boys from the orphanages, shelters and Family Home are not the exception. Most of the kids in the institutions are boys, so we planned many different activities for them.

In one of the orphanages we held a relay. In the gym we held fun sports competitions. The teams were formed with different age kids, so the boys had to not only fight for the victory, but at the same time help younger kid to finish the race. Bright, colorful sports equipment, fun contests and noisy fans created a festive atmosphere. Children and teachers were very pleased and thanked us. After the relay, we presented the gifts that the boys from family home bought themselves.

Another visit we held a program “For Real Men”. The guys demonstrated not only their creative and intellectual abilities, but also showed that they can cope with the economy no worse than the girls. The guys sang, danced, recited poems, participated in a quiz, speed peeled the potatoes and the girls were there to give support.

Are boys good at cooking?

Cooking clubs are really a big and growing part of our ministry. They have three main goals: to teach young orphan boys ( mostly, sometime girls are involved too) how to cook and take care of themselves as they leave the institutions, to develop our Family Home boys’ leadership qualities, responsibility and to get them involved in the ministry. (The volunteer team is our boys from family home) and to share Gospel as we become close friends.

In February, three cooking classes were held based on different cuisines: Kyrgyz dishes were cooked by our family home girl from Kyrgystan, Italian pizza and pasta by Vitaliy a friend of us and American dinner was made by our friends from the USA . Mike Anticoli, who used to be the chef of a restaurant and later became a missionary, not only cooked chilli dogs, but he shared his testimony of how God changed his life. Roy and Christie made pasta salad and shared the word of God and prayed with children.They came here for the first time looking for a summer camp opportunities with us.

Family home youth

In February, we had two birthday parties – Anya and Sergey. Birthdays are a great opportunity for us to meet and also invite new friends. When we celebrated the birthday of Anya,she prepared the treats herself and organized the program. She tried hard to make everything go perfect. And she did it. After all, to receive guests is a kind of skill that requires preparation, good organization. This is what we are trying to teach our young folks and we are very happy to see their success.

At the end of the month we celebrated the birthday of Sergey. It was in a format of a home group Bible study gathering. On this day, new friends Roy, Christie and Mike came to visit and the evening was very rich: meet and greet time, teaching from the Bible, prayer, food and fellowship. It was good and interesting for everyone that nobody wanted to leave.

At the same time, our family home youth is active in visiting a shelter with young kids. Crafts, bible lessons, hugs and smiles are their biggest tools.

Our prayer needs haven’t changed. We kindly ask you to continue praying for my father’s health. His cancer is spreading too quick.

And we ask your prayers and support for our summer camps. We are planning for 4 camps at the moment,( 2 English camps, one village camp and one camp for orphans and foster kids). Please support the kids to come to camps and contact me if you want to come and join us.

God bless,

Yasha and Olga

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