Dearest People of The Planet Earth!

Life goes on, children grow and then the children of their children. What a blessing to see the grads who stay in contact with us as family have happy and difficult (who doesn’t) lives.

Vera/Volodya family are building a country house. That is such great thing to take out the boys from their computers and do real man’s things. Volodya is such good teacher. The girls help Vera to cook for the hard workers.

Sometimes we are asked if we have any special program for the orphans. Yes, we do. Love. The child needs love to raise up. We die if we are not loved. The child needs to belong. So this is what we do.

The counselors have their hands down from time to time, seeing no fruits. It takes time to realize we might not see it at all in our lives. All what we have to do is put seeds of God’s love in starving hearts.

We keep our help to the group of orphan girls to buy grocery to learn how to cook and eat some more. They grow and there is not enough food for them in their institution.

Very very thankful to People who help with that (they know who the are). Thankful to the Lady who helps Irina to take care of 4 kids (she knows who she is)…. and many many people¬† who send donations and pray for our ministry. It helps us feel the part of a big loving family.

My personal news. I moved out out out of the city to a nice Village 30 kilometres from the town. I have visitors almost every day because every one likes my house. I sold my flat. I am not a city girl anymore. Aaaaaaaaa

Welcome. Love you. Best People.

May God be always your First one.


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