The first 2 cases of Covid-19 were discovered in Montenegro on Tuesday and now they already talk about 13 confirmed corona cases. Of course, many more are expected.

I may have shared this with you, but I am not as nearly as concerned about the virus itself as I am for the fear-based reaction of the broken humans and their systems, with their reasoning and justice being like a “polluted garment”. In this particular case, I am concerned that the outcasts, such as the Roma and Ashkali/Egyptians,  will be left as the least of all priorities and that if times and circumstances get worse – they’ll have it the hardest.

Why? The things have already gotten pretty bad. Most of the Roma and Ashkali/Egyptian families depend on daily jobs, meaning being able to go out, mingle with people, do the work and provide for their families. With the movement restrictions being in place, that becomes harder and harder. Several men, including some of the church people, have been sent home by the police while they were searching through garbage containers looking for scrap metal [they’ve kind of forgot that the hotbed of coronavirus in Europe were not garbage bins, but an elite ski-resort in Austria]. Others couldn’t go out and sell on the streets, cafes, restaurants, etc because of the “social distancing” that people take more and more seriously. Those who do physical labour are not getting hired anymore as the whole economy slows down and business ventures are halted indefinitely. The result of all this is that this whole week they couldn’t earn any money, while they watched food prices going up and people emptying the stores shelves. This all creates the sense of insecurity and anxiety, not to say desperation. The fear that they will be left behind, forgotten and abandoned, with no access to food and other basic supplies is haunting many. The rumours of possible complete lockdown [meaning that nobody will be allowed to leave their homes for several weeks] come across as terrifying.

This is why I would like you to consider helping our church members get through these hard times. Vast majority of them are in the position where they really cannot help themselves. Would you please be willing to help them by consider donating some money so that we can buy food and medication for church families and the most vulnerable in Konik community? I truly understand that the world is literary becoming a “global village” and these happenings have proven that. This is to say that I do understand that you may be going through the same or similar things. But, in a case you can spare something that would serve us as some sort of crises fund and help us serve the needy in the community, please consider doing so. As always, you can do it through Stoneworks International, please choose Montenegro: Roma/RAE, General Fund.

May you be blessed, safe, faithful and fully reliant upon His mercy in the coming days! Let us find refuge in nothing but Him and honour Him with everything we are even in these turbulent times!

In His service,


P. S. For those of you who are not fans of social media, here are the two links of the last two updates I’ve posted on our Facebook group’s wall.


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