Dear friends,

The Family Home youth had a great holiday season, too. They celebrated and served and grew in their faith.

During the month of December, they helped a lot with buying and packing gifts for all the kids we work with. They continued to have their regular life with school, work, church, home group meetings, cooking, cleaning, and finally, having some fun.

Winter Retreat

The main event over the last few months for the girls of the Family Home was a winter retreat. “Covenant and Promise,” was led by Bill Compton and his team. The girls left their home for 3 days and enjoyed each other’s company in a beautiful rented place with great food, some fun activities, and seminars. What they learned will help them to build their relationship with God and others. Here are some of the quotes from their feedback.

“This camp was even better than the last. The place chosen was cool and saturated with the Christmas atmosphere. The topic of the camp was very relevant, now it is necessary to put this into practice. Thank you for your precious time!” — Sveta

“I would like to start by thanking you for the wonderful rest and bright, warm memories! Thank you very much for your care and teachings, the knowledge gained during the rest.

“The main speaker was emphasizing “Do not look for a righteous bridegroom, but be a righteous bride and a righteous bridegroom will find you!” We all thought about becoming “righteous” in order for us to be found exactly by the righteous bridegroom.

“Some key points – What are the main qualities a Christian should have? Love God, put the Lord first in everything, serve God and people, show respect, love and honor parents. What I need to do to allow God do the best in my life? Pray, read the bible, serve, don’t bear malice in oneself, forgive, and etc.

“We prayed a lot together and asked the Lord for a blessed husband for each of us. In the camp, we had a lot of free time to talk personally with each other, practice English with native speakers, play games, read the bible, pray for each other and our future husbands.” — Zhukra

“The camp was very cool! When I went to this meeting, I really didn’t know what exactly would be here. Now I can say everything was wonderful.
I liked this house as it was very warm and cozy, beautiful, which is very important in communicating with young people. It brings us together. It is very pleasant that there were girls from America who could share their experience and outlook on life with us.

“The topic of the lessons was very important for each of us since we were all single. Cool idea to get all the girls together and talk about marriage. All of us are waiting for this in the future.” — Alyona

“To be honest, I really liked the place where we were gathered very much and the pleasant company that surrounded me. The lesson themes that Bill and his girls read to us, delicious food, and soft bed were great.” — Masha:

“I liked everything in the camp, the whole program that we had with instructive lessons, morning prayers, communication, games, and free time.” — Inna

“I was pleased with the camp. This was an opportunity to practice English with native speakers and at the same time listen to the Word. The topic that our speaker Bill raised was relevant for every girl of any age. I took a lot of notes and will use them. It was fun at the beginning and in the middle of the camp and sad when it was time to say goodbye to each other.” — Anya

Young people love quests very much. Both girls and boys visited two quests “alien” and “saw.” It was incendiary, interesting, and even scary. There we teamed up and were like one. They needed to show ingenuity, understanding, and teamwork. We were required to get out alive and unharmed from the premises. We united and performed successfully all the actions. After the quest, we went to ride go-karts to continue the fun and raise adrenaline. We felt incredible emotions and made unforgettable memories. All this unites young people and I really like that they know how to serve and rest together. After all, this is the family.

Christmas celebrations were held in a warm, family atmosphere. We all gathered together and celebrated the birth of Christ and the approach of the new year. As always there were a lot of treats and entertaining games for the whole team. This year we had an American-style Christmas celebration – we had baked duck with apples, a lot of coca-cola and fruit. For the first time, everyone felt like Americans celebrating Christmas. And in the end all exchanged gifts.

In January, we were invited to the wonderful and unforgettable project, “The Road to Bethlehem”, which was organized by church people. Anyone who wanted could show their acting skills and participate in the project. We went to watch and it was as if we were going back in time. We really liked it. We felt as if we had been at the time when Jesus Christ was born and walked along the whole path that Mary and Joseph walked, from the moment the angel told Mary the message until the birth of our savior. We remain impressed to the depths of the soul.

Celebrating Birthdays is always a fun and memorable time in the Family Homes. Each person is celebrated as a daughter or son of God that He created! Zukhra and Lyosha were the honored ones recently.

We are greatly blessed to serve the youth in the Family Homes. We enjoy serving them and being a family with them.

Please pray for us during this time. Our health has not been good. Pray also for Olga’s father is waiting for surgery to remove his spleen and then he will need Chemotherapy.

Recently, there are officials trying to take down our church again in order to develop this land. Please pray that the power of God will prevail. Pray that this church will be a light in this community. Satan has opposed this church for many years and we still stand strong in Him.

God bless,

Yasha and Olga

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