Greetings our dear friends and partners,

Our Christmas season has finished. We began in early December and just finished yesterday. During this time our team of 30+ volunteers reached out to 3 orphanages, 2 shelters, foster families and village kids (about 300 kids) with Christmas theater play “Artaban’s gifts” and puppet theater “Prince and miraculous power”.

Each child received a personal gift box that we made with love, many kids got Bibles and children’s books. We served 20 needy families with food bags to make their holidays special, we brought more than 30 kids and counselors to our church for immersive theater play with live animals “Road to Bethlehem” and had several Christmas parties for teenagers and volunteers.

Distance doesn’t stop us

We are always joyful when youth joins us in for the ministry. Here is some feedback from our volunteer —

Lena from MFH girls: As I was putting the gifts for kids together I felt that I put a part of myself in it. I love serving the kids. I also used to live in the orphanage and loved when I received gifts as it gives unforgettable emotions!

Jacob, 15 year old: Today we performed “Artaban’s gifts ” in the village of Greben. It was a long trip from morning until late night, but we got a huge pleasure. A lot of children came to the club. The performance was supposed to begin at 1 pm, but as we arrived at 11.30 the kids were already waiting for us, so Ш had to set up for the play in front of them. At the end of our performance, we talked about Christ birth, prayed, made Christmas crafts and everyone got a gift. It was a wonderful day.Thank God!

Christmas is the most joyful holiday

I loved every minute of our Christmas outreach, but there were a few special highlights of the holidays. Here is Natalia next to me at our church for Christmas service.

A few months ago I visited a family of 5 kids ( two older were taking care of three younger ones as the mother was in the hospital for about 2 months. Natalia was bedridden with a serious heart condition waiting for a surgery that couldn’t take place due to her other chronicle diseases. We started helping the family with food and prayer, the kids were not interested in God.

And finally a few months later, Natalia had surgery, recovered, started coming to church and loved it so much that she brought her friend ( who had a special needs child) too. God is so good!

You may remember I shared about Sveta, whom I haven known for almost 20 years from the orphanage. A few years ago she was diagnosed with intestine cancer and had to carry a bag for several years.

Finally a day before the holidays she was released from the hospital after having a recovery surgery.

We had a pleasure of shopping and take her home to her 7 year old daughter for celebration. It gives me extra joy to know she is fine now, we always pray and know that it is by the grace and love of God she moves on!

Our everyday life

Meanwhile we continued our regular visits to the orphanages, shelters and villages with cooking classes, making and decorating ginger cookies is what kids loved. We made special Christmas crafts of angels and nativity, talked and prayed with one mom who is suffering from drinking problems and her 4 kids were on the edge of going to an institution, we gave her Bible. We got wood for a single mom Irina, did a wonderful painting the walls with orphans project in the orphanage. It took us 3 visits and lots of kids participated, delivered 2 vans of clothing, shoes, and home supplies we collected from friends to the village people and more…

In December we held our annual “Minute of fame” contest at the orphanage, giving orphans an opportunity to perform and bringing our team to cheer them up. The kids love it and looking forward to this event all year long.

English club for teenagers was not only fun, but we learnt a lot about Jesus’s birth, had good food and exchanged gifts that everyone brought. it was a special atmosphere and teens thank us a lot for doing it. Lesha from MFH is always ready to serve the drinks and snacks. He has such a good heart. We also celebrated birthdays of Lesha and Lesha and Zhukhra family style as usual.

In February we will host a “Night to Shine” prom for people with special needs for the first time in Belarus. We will have 75-80 guests from different institutions, orphanages and homes and about 120 volunteers. We are working hard now on getting everything ready, holding seminars for volunteers. Here is a photo of us practicing red carpet.

We ask you to keep us in your prayers for the upcoming event “Night to shine” for all the guests and volunteers, and pray for our daily operation, provision and team, for our health and strength.
Thank you so very much for all your help to make this ministry grow, for your prayers, support and love. We couldn’t do it without you!

God bless you,

Yasha and Olga and our wonderful team of volunteers

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