Greetings dear friends,

With the beginning of fall we switched from summer camps to regular scheduled orphanage visits, that will take place till the next summer. There was a lot of fun, joy and laughter in meeting up with our dear orphans again. We started with volleyball. (of course, the orphans won!)

Back to the orphanages

Besides having friendly and fun time together, we have sports programs and cooking classes, outings and Bible lessons, crafts and games time.

Through all of that we become closer and children open up and we learn about their lives and have an opportunity to influence on their lives too.

In the shelter the kids are waiting for our team on Saturdays. Not only did they learn stories about Adam and Eve, Noah and many others, but they can now tell the stories to their family and friends, as four of the kids ( Nastya, Maksim, Vlad and Katya) are going to their biological families this week and they gave us their address to follow up with them in future. Our family home girls are the main volunteers for the shelter.

Cooking Classes

Cooking is always fun!

This year we are changing our format and one time we teach the orphans how to cook and the next time they choose what to cook and do it themselves with our supervision. This tool will be so helpful for their future out of the orphanage life.

The boys from the family home are the main volunteers for this project.

Winter is coming

In preparation for winter we need to think ahead, as several of the families we help and even the village school where 50 kids we ministry to go need wood for heat. It has become a good tradition to support them with a warm home for the cold winter.

Family home reaches out to new girls

Our family home girls are the inspiration to us. Not only do they go to the shelter regularly to spend time with the kids and tell them about God, but they also want to work with the biological families of kids. Besides, in October we had two events in MFH, one for education on healthy habits and how to take care of your health. The other one is a visit to the ballet. Two new Irinas came to the event: one is our friend single mom Irina with 2 year old son Maksim and the other Irina is an orphan of 17 years old ( as it turned out they are from the same orphanage and met at our event years later)

Shelter kids come to Sunday school

Starting in September we take kids from the shelter to our church every Sunday. It was their desire to be able to go to church. Not only the kids come, but a few adults as well, sometimes biological parents show up at the shelter and go with us. We want all of them to come!

Compassion Coffee

We are encouraged to work with Compassion Coffee shop, that started for charity a few month ago.

Twice we organized a group of orphans to come and learn about coffee and the profession of barista, where teenagers made their own cups of coffee and were treated to delicious deserts.

Besides two of our family home girls got jobs there. What a blessing!

Continue good works

We continue to support Chernobyl area village families and foster families with food baskets, some families with repairs, got a new stove for Irina and Maxim, support shelters in their projects and provide humanitarian aid to them, bring shoes and clothes for the kids, and many more…

We are very grateful to you our dear friends for your prayers and support.

We ask you to continue to pray for all our Christmas preparations with gifts and outreaches. We want to expand into a new orphanage, therefore we need to prepare more gifts. We would appreciate your help with Christmas gifts and candy boxes for orphans and village kids, help with food baskets for some of our supported families and with making Christmas parties at the Family Home, orphanages and shelters we serve.

Sincerely, Olga and Yasha Goncharenko

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