For all you English speakers, I guess there is little difference between Cana and Konik. And in all truth you are right. The places and the people are irrelevant. What is relevant is that in both respective places, the Lord did a miracle.

In Cana, the Lord turned water into wine. In Konik, He turned our hearts from bitterness, disappointment, feeling of betrayal, hurt and despair to peace, forgiveness, satisfaction, service, sacrifice, joy and unity. While the miracle of Cana was unusual (at least to say), in all truth, I dare to say that it was easier. Why? For the simple fact that it had to with matter, not with hearts such as ours. While waters never failed to answer His call, we did on so many occasions. Therefore, I dare to say that if not “harder”, the miracle in Konik was at least less certain. And yet, thanks to Him, it happened!

In all honesty, how else to describe preparing and having A WEDDING in 10 days than a MIRACLE?! What else to call the fact we survived and succeeded in this endeavor despite ourselves, our inexperience, our unadjusted expectation, unspoken desires, inflicted hurts, intentions too good, no money, pride, vanity and everything else under the sun?!

Still, it came through! As we were stepping forward in faith, people were coming forward with money, stuff, time, work, ideas, encouragements and counsels. And as it always happens in the situations like these, all the little pieces fell to their place in His time and His order! We could just surrender, give our best and watch Him does the rest! As always, He did wonderful things!

Praise God for this new couple, a newborn family of servants and for the wonderful new beginning in their lives! Praise unto Him who made it and was keeping on making it happen, leading all things to that day. And praise and thanks unto Him for all the future acts of His love, He will be pouring down into the lives of two who have become one flesh.

Please join us in our prayers for Albijon Neziraj and Rahela Gîscan that they come to the full fulfillment of His plan in and through them! Congratulations they are now husband and wife!