Dear People of God’s Love !

Thank you for helping us to make our children smile ! I can send hundred and hundred of happy pictures of smiling faces and all of that because we are cared and loved by you! It is a season of Thanksgiving and we give thanks to the Lord for you !

We have a new mom K with a baby boy. She was drug addicted. Her “friends” were using her and her room for having drug parties and then just kicked her out. She signed being drunk a document to give her room ownership to someone. Just like that, in the street with a baby.

A year ago when the situation was not so dramatic, we invited her to come but she did not like the rules: not using any drugs, responsibilities, no bad language, etc.. She liked her friends, who eventually betrayed her. So good she is with us now. Good for her son.

We talk about you often. We love you and we are proud to be one team with you.

With gratitude, Marina


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