“She will give birth to a Son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus,

because He will save His people from their sins.” Matt. 1:21

Dear family in Christ, in this long winter period we continue to serve orphans. We had an opportunity to visit an orphanage with volunteers from other churches. We also gathered presents to kids there from peoples’ offers and shared a Christmas story with them and their caregivers.

Most people in our country celebrate Christmas on January 7th. Starting from this day and all week long various festive events take place. And we had a great time with our orphan graduates: we took them on Christmas service and worship. We also did a New years meeting, there were many games and conversations. The theme was about our Superhero – Jesus. In this generation people often talk about superheroes, but their heroes can’t answer really important questions, such as „What is purpose of life?” or „How to manage in this world?“ But Christ can, he blesses us and helps in our difficult life situations.

Our oldest daughter wrote a review on this meeting:

“Hello, dear friends,! I hope your Christmas and New year celebrations went well and you enjoyed it. I want to tell you about our New Year. My family and me – we celebrated it with our orphan graduates. It was a really great time, so much fun! I wish you could be there to see it with your own eyes but since it’s impossible I’m going to try my best and tell you everything. What is the most important part of almost every holiday? Food! That’s what we started with. My mom was the main cook (she cooks really amazing) and our graduates were helping her. There were many traditional salads and a hot dish. Also a girl from our church made a couple of very tasty cakes and two orphan girls were her right hands. Let me just say, food was really amazing that day!

Usually in our country we listen to the president on the TV on 12am but this time we prayed and worshiped our Lord instead. Isn’t it amazing? We also sang some worship songs from our camp in Belarus and people who were in that camp were really happy. My father showed us a lot of pictures after that from many our meetings with orphans. It was really touching. Next part was the entertainment. My dad was a leader of everything and he even made up some intersting games on his own! He’s got a skill. All competitions were very exciting and we really had fun. I helped dad to prepare the whole day the day before and was happy to see the fruit of our work together. But besides all the fun and food there was bonding and sharing. We shared our feelings and intimate emotions in a comfortable atmosphere. The whole night somebody was staying in the kitchen and just talking. Many guys opened their hearts to one another and to my parents and it was really beautiful and moving.

The next day we decided to make meat dumplings (handmade) together and it turned out wonderful. We all helped and talked with one another and became closer than we’ve been before. Beyond words I adore my parents’ hard work and I’m thankful to God that he gave us opportunity to do that and serve those lonely kids. We showed them that holidays can be celebrated without any alcohol and other bad things. We know each other better now and we all had fun so win-win!”

We are so grateful for your prayers, support and love. Many blessings to all of you!

If you are able to partner with us financially in this project, you can send a tax deductible donation to Stoneworks International through the mail or make a donation here https://www.stoneworksinternational.com/hfo-support/                Please note that your donation is for Heart for Orphans.

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