The holidays have officially started. All students, including our daughter Nastya, were waiting for it for a whole year. We truly believe that to be better ministers we ourselves have to study, and we have to teach others, thus raising up new leaders and better servants of God.In this letter we would like to share with you about how we’ve studied and taught others through the many seminars, trainings and conferences that we have had this past school year. As always, it was a very special and significant time for us. We met God’s servants from all over the world. It was a great opportunity for us to share with and encourage one another.

The first conference in which we participated was held by our partners, Stoneworks International. We face many hardships as we lead ministries in a multitude of difficult situations. So the teachings at this conference focused on Hebrews 12 and the encouragement that God gives to His people in the midst of hardships.

Last November, we went to a conference for youth pastors in Moscow. We were glad to see many pastors from Russia and other countries. We spent 3 days worshiping, sharing and learning about effective ways to reach youth. We were blessed to have such speakers as Nicky Cruz and Gustaf Severin. After this was a Youth conference with more than 5,000 participants. It was such a wonderful time. We had a chance to encounter God and better know his works as we worshipped him together in one voice.

In January, Nadya and I held a seminar for our local church members on working with youth (some of them orphaned young adults). We want to inspire members of our local church to develop youth ministry. At the moment, several members of our church have a strong desire to serve youth and they help us in our projects with orphan graduates.

“How to manage money” Seminar for Orphans. This course consisted of five sessions where participants could learn how to make a budget, manage their money wisely and avoid traps related to financial debts and loans.

Leadership Conference. We are grateful to the LoveRussia mission for hosting this conference. The topic was «Effective Leadership”. We brought a couple from our church with us to this conference. They really have a heart for orphans and often help us in our projects with them. We pray that they become strong and effective leaders for the young generation. It was a good time for personal growth, when you could question yourself what kind of leader you are and what you have to change.

Harbor Conference. We brought several people with us to this conference, and one of them is an orphan graduate. At this training, we received the skills of psychological assistance to orphans. A very important tool, as many orphans have deep injuries.

At the moment we are taking part in an English camp for kids in Estonia. Our friends from Athens, Georgia, USA are hosting this camp at Christian Camp Gideon. Then, with some volunteers form our local church, we are hosting a camp in Kareliya for orphaned young adults. The theme of the camp will be “Love and Relationships” because many orphans have a distorted concept of love and relationships between the sexes. We want to show how God designed the relationship between man and woman. Our days will be filled with worship and prayer, teaching and discussions, hiking and cooking together. We pray it will be a time full of God’s presence and for our young adults to be captured by God’s love.

Our needs and prayer request: Please pray for our participants and team members, for God to protect and open up their hearts for Him.

Due to camp needs, we are praying for finances to cover various expenses such as transportation, food, crafts and sports supplies. For one person it is $40, so for 30 participants we need $1,200. We know God will provide, and we are thankful to those who will hear our call and offer their support.

May God bless you for any kind of help for Orphans ministry.

If you are able to join with us financially in this project, you can send a donation through the mail or make an online donation https://www.stoneworksinternational.com/hfo-support/                                                                           

Please note that your donation is for Heart for Orphans.