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Hello, dear friends, it’s Stacy! I would like to give you our latest news.

In February and March we had an opportunity to rejoice with orphans graduates who had birthdays.  It was a little adventure and we went to Karelia for 3 days. It took us 4 hours to travel up north there. It was awesome, because we had an opportunity to be in the actual woods with beautiful nature and wonderful cliffs. We didn’t have any internet, just live communicating.

Our family, some people from church and our graduates – we had a great time together. We celebrated 2 birthdays: my father’s and Yura’s – one of our orphan graduates. There even was a concert with congratulations from everyone. We lived in a big house, made barbecue and rode on hills. But what is more important that was time of fellowship, worship and prayers. We discussed with our young adults what does it mean to be a Christian, does it mean you are weak or it takes courage? We talked about Christ’s character as an example for us and we have to try to be more like him.

Also we celebrated Nina’s, Sergey’s and Pasha’s birthdays. My father made a very interesting quest, which we all enjoyed. It was unique because my dad was leading all steps and wasn’t with us all the time. Instead, he was communicating with team by What’s Up on the phone. The main idea of it was that when we have troubles and different challenges in our lives, we have to go to God and ask Him what to do. Without Him we are lost in our life, not knowing where to go and what to do, but with Him we are the strongest! We were also able to work in a team, bond with each other. And, of course, we had a great American dinner: a bunch of pizzas and Traditional Russian food that we cooked together! I was the photographer and my mom was the organizer.

We are very blessed to have our new big vehicle and we have been using it very effectively! During our trip to Karelia we load our car up with a lot of supplies and were able to meet people at the train station and bring them to a place we stayed. A few weeks ago we helped to move belongings of one orphan graduate. We thank everyone of you, who donated finances for our dream to come true. It is great to serve orphans all together!

May God bless you, Stacy

If you are able to partner with us financially in this project, you can send a tax deductible donation to Stoneworks International through the mail or make an online donation        Please note that your donation is for Heart for Orphans.