Greetings our dear friends and partners,

Christ is risen!!! He is risen indeed!!!

We are thinking of you, praying for you, your families, churches and trusting God daily. As lives have changed so quickly for everyone, we want to wish you God’s peace that is beyond all understanding. May the miracle of Easter bring you perfect peace! Hope you can feel His love in your life at this time more them ever.

Always Waiting

Our March was quite busy. Every month we collect clothing, shoes, small furniture, toys, buy food and make a day long trip to the south of Belarus, were the kids and the families are always waiting. At first we unload at the school, so that all needy families can come and get what they need. This time we delivered a washing machine for Larisa’s family of 5 small kids. They are on a list of the local authorities as a family in socially dangerous situation and having a washing machine will improve their situation and hopefully kids can stay at home and not in the shelter.

Then we run three classes for the kids: cooking, story and game time, craft lesson. All the kids rotate. Meanwhile some parents and teachers seek to speak to us, ask for prayers or simply share their life hardships.

Women’s day at the orphanages and shelters

Women’s day is a national holiday and the day when kids prepare a concert, sing songs about how much they love their mothers and give presents. However those who are in the shelters and orphanages may feel worse than ever not having such a change to see their mom. We try to make their day better. With love, encouragement, small candy gifts, hairdressers and making crafts. We bring a big team and go to several places in one day.

Making sweet dessert called “potato” was easy and very typical of Belarus as potatoes are considered to be our second bread. Every person here knows what it is. To my surprise, the orphans didn’t know and tasted this self-made dessert for the first time.

Times goes by so quickly. I had a talk with older kids about their future professions and life outside of the orphanage. It is important to help them make right choices.

Nadya and her three girls

In one of the shelters I met three beautiful siblings: Masha, Liza and Katya singing about their mom. It simply broke my heart.
A few days later I met a women named Nadya. She came to our church and it turned out she is the mother of those three girls.

She stopped drinking and started coming to church and she is trying to get the girls back home. Her home was not in a good shape and with a small amount of money from our ministry and free labor of Alexander from our church, some repairs were made.

Now Nadya has better chances to get the girls back home. Let’s pray for them.

Irina and her new flat

A few months ago I shared a story of Irina and Maksim. And orphan and a widow, who every day has to be strong, chop the wood, heat the home, go out to get water and take care of her son. But good news. We were working on her paper work to get a free flat from the local authorities, and next week she can move in her new flat! Praise God!

Cooking classes

Cooking classes at the village orphanage Istoki take place twice a month. And even the last week of March we were able to go in and spend wonderful time with the kids, counselors and our youth from Family home. As the situation is changing with the pandemic we will continue cooking lessons just within the family home for now.

Visiting our friends from Night to Shine

After “Night to Shine” event we continued to pray for our guests and to visit some of them. We had a wonderful time celebration Women’s day with some of our friends at the day center for special needs people.
Anya and Stas got married

On March, 20th Anya from the Family home got married to Stas, a friend from her childhood. It was all surprise to us. We only found out in December. The wedding was very small. As they enter into their adult life together, we can be grateful that they continue to seek God, they went through some counseling and they love each other. Lets pray for their marriage to be strong and for them to grow in Christ.

Prayer Needs

I know that it is so much better for everyone to stay home now. And I do. I spend time with my kids, who are also home. Yasha goes to work on his regular schedule. But there are things for me that have started and need to be finished, like getting Irina in her new flat next week (there are deadlines) or providing 40 Easter food baskets to the needy families, so kids can have food. The ministry can slow down, but it can’t stop immediately. (I will wear a mask).

Please pray for me and for my family. My kids’ health and Yasha’s health. Pray for my mom, who has to be isolated for a while, also last week it was one year of my father’s death and we did go to see her.

Pray for the country and for all the people who have no jobs now, pray for the orphans as I think we will probably not be allowed to see them (there are no limitations in our country now). And let’s pray for each other and for the pandemic to stop soon.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry, especially during this unknown time.

God bless you, we love you, stay healthy!

Olga and Yasha

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