From Spring of Revival Director Olga Goncharenko:

Dear friends,

As fall is here in Belarus and we enjoy the pretty leaves and colors, the ministry goes back to its regular schedule after summer. We continue to visit orphanages, shelters, foster homes and spend time with orphan graduates.

This time we want to share about our clown party that we had in one of the orphanages. There were 160 children, most of them had some health issues. We had 5 clowns, who led games for kids and gave out small gifts and candies to the kids. It was held in a big assembly hall where all the kids could come.

We had a great audience that enjoyed our play and we really enjoyed those kids. We also made some new friends. Most kids wanted to talk to us and spend some time afterwards.

Last weekend it was Teacher’s day in Belarus. And we decided to get some gifts and congratulate all the 15 teachers at Stankovo shelter. We got all of them a bottle of shampoo and a box of chocolate. They were so thankful.

At the official part we enjoyed our time together with the teachers at the table having food and cakes. Then we also had time with the kids. We brought them some fruit, drinks, cookies and candies. While teachers were having their party the kids were snacking on their goodies. It was fun.

Also we were given 2 wheel chairs that were a great blessing to 2 women who were in great need for the chairs. Valentina, the first woman, got into a car accident 2.5 years ago. She can’t move her lower part of the body, she lives all by herself and she is praying for a computer, so that she can keep in contact with the outside world as well as work part time on the computer.

The other women Vera hasn’t been outside for a long time (she lives in a tall apartment building). Now with the wheelchair, she can go out. She was so happy. Please continue to pray for those ladies.

MFH News

October 1st was Katya’s wedding. Katya was in MFH for 2 years. She was a good girl, who learnt a lot during that time. We are happy for Katya.

The ceremony was very small, it took places at a court house near Minsk. Katya was a pretty bride that day. We continue to pray for her as she enters her own adult life. May the Lord be with her and keep her safe, helping her to remain in the teachings she received, and we trust that her life will be successful.

Thank you all dear friends for your prayers, support and for my birthday wishes,


Olga Goncharenko