Loosing both parents is a big loss. Loosing one parent is a big loss as well. Having no grandparents, someone might say is not such a big loss … I am not so sure. Having them is a great great blessing! They are people who even if you spread butter all over the flat and think you did the most wonderful thing in the world, their eyes look at you with such love and adoration that you are sure you are the best among the best.

Volodya ‘s mother came to visit lately. All the kids who knew her rushed to the train station to meet her and carry her stuff: “babushka is coming!”

Babushka . . . Grandmother!

Counselors in our Mom’s Home are not only mentors for the young women but grandparents for little kids whose mothers seemed lost and have little energy and emotion to express love. It is extremely important for those children at that moment to know someone loves them no matter what, unconditionally, to feel safe with them. I believe it is important to get spoiled sometimes. It lifts you up to Heaven like . . . .

There is a saying: it takes a Village to raise up a Child. So, everyone can the be a Hand of God.

Dear People! We are very thankful to you for your care and support. You, like our babushkas and dedushkas, love us all the time.

May God bless you and care about you always.

Love, Marina.

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