“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!” Is. 49:15

Greetings to the dear family of God. We want to say how much we are thankful for your prayers, help, and generous donations. We have huge gratitude for your participation in serving the orphans. We are all together God’s workers in the field of God. We are happy to share our latest news with you.

Family News

In our family came an exciting and a joyful period at the same time. Time when our children are growing up and learning to love God and serve Him. Nastya has started to study online at Lipscomb Christian university. She can’t receive a student visa at the moment, because all the US embassies in Russia are closed now. We pray that everything goes according to God’s plan for her. Liza went to school for the first time on September,1. She is going to be studying in the same school as Nastya — all the teachers are Christian there. We praise God for guiding and blessing our daughters. We trust them in His hands! We can also see God’s grace through your giving hearts. Your financial support gives Nastya the opportunity to study and develop her ministering skill.

Ministry News


In the previous newsletter we told you about Andrew, who came to Russia from the Ukraine. He is an orphan and became a Christian in Saint-Petersburg. We have been praying and helping him to solve problems with documents and legally living in Russia. God has heard our prayers! At the moment the documents are fine, which means that he can legally stay in Russia. Now we have to wait for his green card to be done, and then to apply for him to have Russian citizenship. Thank you for your prayers and financial help!


With our team of ministers we have organized a camp for orphan graduates. It was a wonderful time of prayers, worship, and encouragement. We have enjoyed fellowshipping with God and one another. It is great to see God’s work in the orphans’ hearts. It sometimes happens that you plant a seed and wait for a long time for it to grow. Sergey has never seen his parents, because they have abandoned him. We have known him since he was 8, and now he is 24 years old. The day has come when we have seen the Lord’s glory in Sergey’s life. He has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and now he knows he has a loving Father and family in Christ. His heavenly Father will never betray or abandon him.

Also one young girl Vika has accepted Jesus as her savior. God has done many incredible things in the lives of orphans. We are very happy about the salvation of these young adults, and we pray that God will continue to bless them. All praise to the Almighty Father!

Prayer requests

  • We would like to offer prayers for you too. Please, let us know how we can pray for you?
  • for the God wisdom and the power to serve
  • for the physical health of all of us
  • for all the young adults we work with, so that they stand firm in the faith of Christ

Thanks for serving God with us!

With much love, Yan and Nady

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