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Birthdays and Events

We celebrated several birthdays, and we would like to describe Y’s birthday as a special event. At first he planned to celebrate it with his closest friends. However, he heard the voice of God, telling him to invite everyone who wanted to come. He organized a great party, decorated his place, made a lot of food for people who he didn’t even know that much. He prayed and shared the word of God with them. One girl even cried afterwards, amazed to see that people can celebrate without getting drunk, high, and naked. Yura then told her that his birthday was her first, but certainly not the last time experiencing this, because she could celebrate any holiday like that, and we will be there to help her.

Some time later we had a great gathering outside of the city with other ministers who serve with us and new believers among orphan graduates to inspire them and make plans for this new season. We had a special time dedicated to worshipping and praising the Lord together. After that we wanted to make a list of people who need salvation to pray for them. L, the closest friend of S, has asked to pray for his killer. This was a huge emotional moment and a testimony for us, because S’s death has affected her deeply, and her saying that God loves the guy who did it shows His work in her heart. She said that the killer is left alone, and he is scared, so she wants to visit him in prison. We had a blessed time, filled with love, laughter, and prayer. However, one of the young adults was in a covid hospital before our event, and she didn’t stay at home 2 weeks after that. 5 people got covid because of her, including N. Last month was hard, because we didn’t know what to expect from the virus. Thank God, she is better now, but we still need your prayers, so it would be gone completely without any consequences.

Prayer requests

  • We would like to offer prayers for you too. Please, let us know how we can pray for you?
  • In this photo N holds a boy L in her arms; He is the son of an orphanage graduate. He has stomach and heart problems. Now the baby went through stomach surgery and doctors are going to check his heart.
  • Please pray for our family and ministry

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