Greetings dear friends and partners,

Praise God, we are doing well. After weeks of having Covid 19 among our close relatives and friends, prayers and hospital visits, everyone is recovered now.

Some family news. We celebrated 18 years of being married. Yasha had vacations in July and we spent a few days in the village near Nesvizh castle, cooking on open fire and using well water. We would love to have a camp place there in future. In June Thomas turned 16 and Stephanie 12, in July Erika turned 10. Erika continues gymnastics daily, she and Thomas also took part in filming video lessons for kids at church.

Summer camp

The biggest highlight of the summer was our annual day camp in Chernobyl area. 5 days, 45 kids and was open for all the kids from 4 villages. We provided transportation to and from the school for kids as well as most needed meals,lunch and two snacks daily. Many kids go hungry and the camp was a great blessing for them. Some kids came in winter boots with fur, others barefoot. Some 5 year old kids came by themselves and brought 3 year olds with them. We were able to provide some clothing and shoes for them. And of course a lot of care and Love!!!

During camp we learnt new songs and Bible verses, made tons of crafts and played outside, prayed and read the Bible. We used ”Great journey” program by Samaritan purse and at the end of the camp gave shoe boxes gifts. We also had a big ending with games,ice-cream and special time for parents.The kids were thrilled.

The camp depends a lot on the team. Vadim, who used to be a camper years ago came daily to help with kids. His knowledge of God and desire to grow more was encouraging. And some of my wonderful volunteers traveled 8 hours ( that is how long it takes to get to camp and back) to assist the full time team.
Helping families

A year and a half ago Luba and her three kids had their house burnt down. All this time we were trying to help them in different ways,including with papers to apply for a new flat. Praise God the family has a new flat now. It now just needs to be furnished.

Most needed food boxes

In July we prepared 30 food boxes, most needed in foster families, shelter families that reunited with kids and special needs older orphans in institutions. Here are a few of the recipients

Time during pandemic was specially difficult for our friend from the institutions. Not only they were not allowed to leave the territory, but as orphans not having relatives to help often went hungry. Food, shampoo, diapers were of great needs for them. Lots of happiness , thankfulness they gave back to us when we brought boxes to them.

Sveta, grew up in the orphanage, now is a single mom to Dasha, 7 years old. A few years ago Sveta had cancer and had to go through a lot. Praise God she is doing ok. She gets small support as an invalid, but also works full time putting firewood in bags and getting less then 10$ a day. In August she needs to go back to the hospital for a check up. During my visit, Dasha mentioned that she would like to go for a ride in a car and that she has never been to the Zoo. Immediately we went. She couldn’t stop talking and admiring everything we saw on the way. Lemur was her favorite animal. Pray for Sveta’s health, Dasha needs her mom and loves her dearly!


We are back to regular visits with kids at the shelters, praying, reading, making crafts, etc Meanwhile one of the directors had corona, went to the hospital, now back to work.

We were able to help with 10 new desks for kids in one shelter, a new fridge for another one and now are working on two painting with kids wall projects.

Our family home youth is doing well. Nobody got sick. We meet regularly for Bible studies, cooking times, get together birthday parties and volunteering at the shelters and families.

Prayer Needs

Please pray for Zukhra, her time being with us is coming to an end and she will need to go back to her country as her passport is expiring. pray for God’s protection over her and His will.

Please pray for our country and the people in the next few days. ( that’s all I can say)

With much love and appreciation to all of you,

Olga and Yasha

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