You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual household to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
-1 Peter 2:5

How We Serve


Just Like That, In the Street With a Baby

Dear People of God's Love ! Thank you for helping us to make our children smile ! I can send hundred and hundred of happy pictures of smiling faces and all of that because we are cared and loved by you! It is a season of Thanksgiving and we give thanks to the Lord for...

A Note From A Partner

Dear friends! On behalf of the children of our neighborhood and their parents I express deepest thanks for your help and prayers.  There is thankfulness to God in our hearts for there is room in your hearts for those you even do not know. Often your help to us enables...

Seeds of God’s Love in Starving Hearts

Dearest People of The Planet Earth! Life goes on, children grow and then the children of their children. What a blessing to see the grads who stay in contact with us as family have happy and difficult (who doesn't) lives. Vera/Volodya family are building a country...


Summer Youth Camp “What’s Up” – Ukraine

Dear friends, I would like to share with you a wonderful event in Ukraine that we have led for more than ten years. It's a time and place where everyone can slow down and refresh their relationship with God, become stronger in His word and support each other. The name...

An Immediate Need

Twenty or so years ago, I had a wonderful roommate and prayer partner as we served together in a Russian summer camp. Her name was Irina and she had traveled a long way from another part of Russia to join our team. When I moved to Russia in 2004, I tried to contact...


Serving in Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Norway, Ukraine, Romania, Montenegro and Moldova our ministry is multi-faceted, stretching from the Arctic to the Adriatic.

Visit our Ministry Map to see how and where we serve.


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The Stoneworks Family

Arctic Men's Fellowship



Serving in the far North of Russia, Finland and Norway


A center for children with disabilities

in Northeastern Estonia


Summer Camps, Local Church Partnerships

Summer Camps

Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Montenegro


Serving Children with Disabilities, Summer Camps

Mission Teams

    Romania, Montenegro, Moldova, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Belarus