Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you so very much for your care and support. Let us share some of the news that are happening.

English Winter Camp

We want to officially invite you to an English Winter Camp. We would like to host children for 5 days during the first week of January and hope to teach them English. Would you join us? Please send me an email to let me know if you are interested.

School Begins!

September, 1st is the beginning of the school year in our country. In order to help prepare the kids for the new school year, we helped 85 kids from villages, shelters and orphans in foster care with school supplies. Now boys and girls have pens, paper, crayons, copy books etc for their daily studies.

We also started our regular visits to orphanages and shelters after summer camp times.


On the 2nd of September, we visited the children in Radoshkovichi. It was a holiday to celebrate the new school year, The Day of Knowledge. As always, it was a great time of fellowship with the children. This time our program was filled with interesting experiments and logic games.

Children really enjoyed doing experiments in physics and chemistry. They mixed various ingredients and made multi-colored volcanoes, iridescent water in a glass, solved puzzles, and mathematical problems. After this, they enjoyed sweet treats and time of talking with each other. This day was dedicated to the beginning of the academic year and we hope it will be the beginning of our friendship with new children. Also, on our trip were the new volunteers Inna and Anya. This is their debut in the ministry and they enjoyed serving in this way.


In the beginning of September a group of volunteers congratulated orphans from foster families in the village of Treskovstchina with the beginning of the academic year. The children, along with the beautiful Queen of Knowledge, traveled through the pages of the book “Knowchio.” A happy Pinocchio, turning over the pages of the book, together with the boys and girls, recalled the letters of the alphabet in the country of the Letter. The Queen of Knowledge gave puzzles to the children and numbers from a mathematical box. The children were clever and quickly and accurately solved the riddles with ingenuity. Fervently, the children and adults having lots of fun as they competed physical contests with quickness and dexterity.

The Queen of Knowledge presented children with felt-tip pens, with which they performed complex tasks with geometric figures, showing their artistic talents. Boys and girls were happy to meet with fairy-tale heroes. They gladly took part in a variety of talents they sang, read poetry, and danced.

Mothers, with the help of wonderful mama Nina, prepared a festive dinner for everyone with delicious sandwiches, biscuits, and fruits.

At the end, the Queen of Knowledge offered each child sweets from a wonderful vase.

The volunteers blessed the boys and girls for successful studies and wished them luck and joy. For the foster mothers we pray for health, vivacity, and patience and wish them all the best!

Family Homes

Two exciting events happened in September in Family Homes.

Sveta got married. Her husband doesn’t have parents either. It was a small wedding, but they are so happy. It was our honor to send her off from the family home, where she put on her wedding gown. May God bless their marriage.

Inna, our new girl, turned 16! It was a nice birthday party, all the food and decorations Inna made herself, with a little help from us. All the guests brought a rose for her, she had tears in her eyes as she has never had such a birthday in her life time. We prayed for Inna and had a wonderful time, followed by a youth group meeting in our church.

Update on pigs!
They are growing! They will be a great source of food for these families in the villages. Thank you to all that supported this project.

Urgent prayer requests

There are two very urgent prayer needs.

  1. Olya, one of our Family home graduates, broke her foot in 2 places. she now has a cast. We visit and help her regularly.
  2. Sveta, 29, who is from the Stankovo orphanage, now has a child that is almost 5 years old. She has stage three colon cancer and goes through chemo. I have helped her with getting colostomy bags and driving her to the hospital. She lives in a far away village, her husband drinks a lot, she lost her job and is in a bad position. Please pray for Sveta’s healing.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God Bless,

Yasha and Olga Goncharenko

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