Hello everyone!

Just a really short update on something truly exciting and encouraging. Starting off from last Friday, two of our guys have been taking part in CEF’s (Child Evangelism Fellowship) EPD1 training. The two of our students are Baskim Kika Ramoci and Besim Hajrizi who are already taking part in our children’s ministry.

The training that has started off last weekend will continue for another two weekends. Despite being relatively short, we hope that it will give our children’s ministry team members solid foundations that they can later build upon.

I am sure you can imagine how exciting this is for us. Our children ministry that was re-started in April 2016 has been growing ever since. Still, from the very beginning, despite of the enthusiasm and faithfulness, we have lacked staff trained into presenting Bible stories in a systematic, informative and structured way. This is why we had asked Ms. Mirushka Cmelikova, the head of Djecija Misija Crne Gore to help us. As the result of that, Mirushka has been leading meetings on Saturdays, while Vllaznim Nimi Batusha was leading those on Sundays.

Praise God, our partnership with Djecija Misija Crne Gore (Child Evangelism Fellowship Montenegro) has entered into a new phase. It is our hope and prayer that these two, after completing their training, will gain not only skills, but also a confidence to take onto themselves a greater load of responsibility for children’s ministry. We also pray that this will take children’s ministry to a whole new level and that it will make it grow both in numbers and depth of knowledge of Christ. We are also praying this will help us in all our church planting activities wherever in Montenegro they may take place in the future.

Please join us in these prayers. Pray that our students, children’s ministry and the church reach their full potential in service to Christ, that we do not miss any opportunity to get to know Christ and to make Him known, glorified and exalted. Pray for all of the children and youth to take His word seriously, deeply, to keep and protect It as a greatest treasure as It truly is and allow It to change their lives and bring the fruit of salvation.