Minsk Family Home


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In partnership with Spring of Revival, the Minsk Family Home is a residential program for graduate orphans.   Our vision is to help graduate orphans by giving them a loving Christian family environment.  In these surroundings they will not only learn to know God, but they will develop social skills, self-confidence, and the skills they need for life.  smilesWe want to provide a place to nurture their God-given desires and talents so that they may be equipped for a lifestyle of reaching out to others. Click here to read an in-depth update about the program.

So many in the world have little reason to hope for the many blessings others enjoy, such as peace, safety, health and sufficient food.  Often there is limited political freedom and limited hope for economic advancement.

Orphans in Belarus lack many of these blessings.  They enjoy little hope of having a family, receiving an education, having decent housing or entering a profession.  If there is no hope for these, then why try at all?food

The Minsk Family Home gives another message — one filled with hope,  starting with the message of salvation.

The Home shows a model for becoming part of a family.  The orphans receive training as Christian friends mentor them and help them avoid the pattern of defeat orphans so often face in adulthood.

While living in the home, girls are taught responsibility and how to manage basic life skills they didn’t learn growing up in the institutional setting of an orphanage. They take turns cooking and cleaning, while also learning to manage their finances.  Our focus is on four areas: Discipleship Training, Training in Life Skills, Training in Social Skills, and Transition to Adulthood.

These are the gifts that last a lifetime.