From MIR:

An orphanage director recently wrote. They need money to buy an orthopedic appliance. The total cost 1,970 euro.

Паша/Pasha (Paul) is now at the conservative treatment in the hospital. After this treatment he will need orthopedic appliances.

A few words about Pasha–

A year ago he had a surgery and we purchase the necessary orthopedic equipment.

During the past year he had massage and rehabilitation exercises with doctors from the clinic in St Petersburg.

Pasha was engaged on a daily basis with a physical education instructors of our orphanage, slept in the library, learned to stand, walk in orthopedic shoes using a walker.

He spent many hours in an orthopedic brace.

Today, Pasha can make a few steps without help of nurses, although a year ago he could move only by crawling.

On the first picture Pasha is sitting in a wheelchair – it’s in December 2010 before the surgery physical therapy.

Second picture – Pasha at a celebration of autumn, in November 2011, you can see the progress.

We hope that with your help we can give Pasha to obtain the necessary apparatus and a chance to learn to walk independently.

Contact us if you’d like to help Pasha.