Greetings dear friends,

After having English camps in the summer, we really wanted to continue and to have a winter camp. As we were dreaming and praying about it, and many kids kept asking about it, we stepped in faith. Thank you all, very much! Because of you the camp became a reality.

The camp site was in the western part of Belarus in an environment clean from radiation. Beside English bible lessons, songs, games, we had some health improving things such as daily swimming pool, breathing in salt and aroma therapy rooms, which is good for our kids.

We were 49 at camp, 9 adults and 40 kids from poor underprivileged, single-mom families, many kids now in families and foster kids that used to be in the shelter and from the orphanage. The children were from both Christian and non-Christian families.

A day in camp…

Every morning, we met together to sing, watch a skit, and hear announcements about the day. During the day, we would have English lessons, make crafts, and work on our skits for the evening.

Being at the sanatorium the children were able to take some treatments as part of our being there. We swam at the pool, spent time breathing the air in the salt room and the aromatherapy room, and relaxed in the sauna.

In the evening, we would meet together again to sing and to share the skits we had worked on! We also heard some of the adults share about Christmas, Jesus, and their own lives. After milk and bread, we went to bed!


Thank you to Jasmine who joined us from the US we had a great Biblical program. The children learned to practice their English as they participated in the skits and listened as the stories were told. From creation, the birth of Christ, and the resurrection the children learned many things about the Bible and Jesus throughout the week.

Talent Show

Everyone loves to show their talents. One evening the children had the opportunity to sing, dance, recite poems, show magic tricks, and show how quickly they could solve the rubix cube. Participants received a small treat and the watchers received quite a special show!


Children really enjoyed making beautiful things flower arrangements, hand sewn animals, pretty frames, and nail designs.

English Lessons

We do not have many photos to show of the lessons, but we do know that the children attended daily! The most advanced students were challenged to partake in conversation and to learned some difficult new vocabulary. The beginners also had a chance to learn some new words and to practice saying them. Children learn quickly and we were glad to give them the opportunity to practice and learn.


The therapy time was really fun for the children, especially the pool. Some adults enjoyed a massage!

It was a time of friendship and questions, learning about Jesus and meeting new friends. I believe for some kids it was a life changing experience that hopefully, will turn their life to God as they get older


Yasha and Olga

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