Dear friends,

We send you Christmas greetings from Belarus!

Our hearts are full of love and thanks to God for sending Jesus into this world and that in Him we have our life and being. We thank you for your friendship and for your belief in what we are doing to spread the Kindgom of God in our land through love, support, meeting needs and brining hope to the needy ones.

This day we wish you and your loved ones peace, joy, health and blessings of God!!!!

To update you on our ministry, our days are full of joyful preparations for Christmas. We are preparing gifts, buying candy boxes, making cards, wrapping, and packing. We are seeing at least 250 kids and 32 will come to our winter camp. We will send out Christmas update later.

Meanwhile, partnering with Direct connect humanitarian organization we have given out more than 50 food baskets to families from Chernobyl area, foster families, and shelter kids’ families. We have shared about God with their parents. Some were crying as we shared and we see that God is really working in that place. We do a lot of work and different projects. We helped with furniture for shelter kids’ families and with repairs of the burned barn for a family of 6 kids.

I am very happy about Zhitkovichi. The kids are wonderful. They wait for us, every time we come, greet us with hugs, and give hand made cards from little chunks of paper.

We made many visitations to shelters and orphanages with games, cooking classes, bible stories, and giving supplies like diapers, winter boots, jackets, etc.

We took about 25 kids to a nice theater play, Pollyanna, followed by a pizza party at a children’s cafe.

Concerning our pig project, besides purchasing a few new ones recently, we had one foster family give away a piglet to a new family.

In other news, we had to get all the lice medication in the local drugstore, as all the kids in the shelter got lice. It is quite a process to get rid of them!

We are asking for your prayers for our winter Christmas/New Year visits to orphans as well as for our winter camp. Thank you for supporting children to go and for making it their life changing experience.

To finish up, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you from all of us, thank you for being there for us in all the good and difficult times in 2017!

With love,

Olga and Yasha

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