You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual household to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
-1 Peter 2:5

How We Serve


Tired? Yes! Blessed? Very much so!!!

Dear friends, We send you greetings in the new year of 2019, we hope and pray that the new year brings a lot of great moments in your lives and many dreams come true. December is the busiest month of the year for us. How was it? It was wonderful! We collected some...

The Kingdom of God Among the Roma and Ashkali-Egyptians

Beloved brothers and sisters, dear friends... I hope you have had blessed Christmas and that you entered the New Year with joyful spirit, renewed energy and fresh vision for your lives, jobs and ministries. I pray that in this year God delivers to you whatever you...

Aleluyya !!!!!

We congratulate you on the past holidays. We are glad that last year was a new stage in our relations. We would like to talk about how our last month went. It was an eventful month. In early December, Larry visited us, it was an amazing time, a time when friendship...


Work Teams Needed in Moldova

We need teams to help finish a home for foster children in Soroca, Moldova. Victor and Victoria Urasinov have…


Serving in Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Norway, Ukraine, Romania, Montenegro and Moldova our ministry is multi-faceted, stretching from the Arctic to the Adriatic.

Visit our Ministry Map to see how and where we serve.


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The Stoneworks Family

Arctic Men's Fellowship



Serving in the far North of Russia, Finland and Norway


A center for children with disabilities

in Northeastern Estonia


Family Homes for Graduate Orphans

Orphan Ministry

Service to Foster Families


Summer Camps, Local Church Partnerships

Summer Camps

Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Montenegro, Ukraine

Minsk Family Homes

Serving Graduate Orphans in Belarus


Serving Children with Disabilities, Summer Camps




Youth Ministry, Gypsy Ministry, Summer Camps



Mission Teams



Romania, Montenegro, Ukraine

Russia, Estonia, Belarus